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Entry #7

Guess I'm back in action for a while.

2015-11-28 17:41:53 by Safst3r

After an amazingly long time, I've finally gotten around to picking up the stylus again, and what I said before about the critics in the portal seeming harsh sounds like utter twaddle now. I just didn't get to grips with the kind of audience that inhabits it and just wasn't seeing how bad the quality of my work was. That and I cared too much about whether others would find my work appealing, obviously that shouldn't matter.

So I set myself on a journey to improve my art style, to make it more cohesive, more solid and to improve my technical abilities. For the past couple of weeks I've been drawing every single day for the purpose of refining my skills with line work, painting, anatomy and everything else. I'm trying to "search" for my style through experimenting with composition, proportions, perspective and increasing my visual library. And most of all, I'm doing this so I can enjoy my art more, so I may one day draw something, look at it and think, "you know, this is actually good!"

If you're one of the people who reads these things, thanks for you time. Keep it real guys.


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