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I can't help but think...

2013-08-27 17:54:10 by Safst3r

I don't know whether the critics in the portal are just unrelentingly harsh or I just don't quite exhibit the kind of artistic taste they are all looking for, but I feel that there are some who just seek my art out just to bash it in some way or another... I understand and accept constructive criticism but some things are just uncalled for.

As for the kind of voting my art receives, it gets me down sometimes because I don't know what reasoning goes behind a lot of the votes that I do receive...

Nevertheless I still power on and try to get my art in the portal to see if I can get better, and now with a pen tablet by my side I am able to do a lot more, quickly and at a higher quality. I guess I'll just keep going and see if things change over time or whether I really am just pumping out stuff no one likes.

Thanks if you have read this, and thanks in advance if you do choose to leave a comment. Shows you care~

I can't help but think...


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2013-08-27 18:33:10

Well, I feel you. Back when I was in the NGADM semi-finals last year, I received quite a bit of bashing for dreaming up an idea which wouldn't otherwise have been undertaken by anyone else. Granted, I didn't have the skill that I do now, but..... it was harrowing, it was painful...

I will take a look at what you have uploaded, and I may post a comment. But.... *taps your shoulder with fist* Chin up, bro. We'll make it through this.

Safst3r responds:

Thanks, bro. I'll keep going, and with the fanbase I do currently have, I think I'll dedicate something to them for being so kind to me. *brofist*


2013-08-27 20:24:12

You aren't bad, but maybe you are just overreacting a bit. I mean, you do have 55 fans, and you do get plenty of views, that's already something most artists here don't get. I'm not saying all the votes you receive are fair, but I don't believe they are truly unfair, for instance:
This drawing of yours has pretty balanced votes, it's well drawn, and has good anatomy for the most part but has a little proportion problem and the shading isn't too impressive. a 3.33 out of 5 sounds pretty fair to me. If anything, I believe these mixed critiques should only drive you forward on your way to becoming a better artist.

Safst3r responds:

Thanks a lot for this encouraging comment, perhaps I was over-reacting somewhat. I just feel that sometimes I may have to take my art to certain extremes to receive recognition for it but I am grateful for the people who do come along and appreciate my art, maybe I'll just keep doing it for the people who do enjoy it and develop my style more.

Thanks again for this review, it's nice to see what people think.


2013-08-28 09:16:01

I see you've gotten a bit more feedback since my last message. : )

There are those who absolutely love our work without thinking of any ways we could improve... there are those who genuinely want to improve, and there are those who outright hate our work. Now for the second group -- those people who genuinely want us to improve -- they can come in all sorts of flavours. Some are encouraging all the time, some are snarky all the time, while some are a bit of both (I fall in the third category).

It is difficult when we're on the receiving end of a review and it turns out to be snarky. If there's anything we can perhaps take to heart with the review, then let us do so. If not, we do what people on my end do: keep calm, and carry on.

Safst3r responds:

Fair point, but maybe it's just the sheer nature of Newgrounds that's getting to me. It's just how the people are and I suppose I can't complain considering I'm the one throwing my work out there.

It's just that positive encouragement is few and far between for me these days, especially on here. I know what I'm doing wrong and I try to improve upon those parts, but I also want to know what I'm doing right... How should I put it...? I want to see what draws people to my art, what they like and find interesting about it.

The haters I can live with and ignore, it's the people that do enjoy my work that remain a complete mystery to me...


2013-08-29 16:28:14

I know. Oftentimes they like it without outwardly doing anything -- reviewing or even favouriting. I'm not the best of reviewers because my knowledge of it is rather limited; I'm a learner myself (in my earlier stages, I will say!).


2014-07-15 00:48:51

A lot of people utilize critique for the reason that it's for your improvement, and while the work could be great some people will still negatively or harshly criticize it. I've done it with videos here on NG, and for the reason of both improvement or something struct a creative difference nerve.