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Hello Everyone! Another streak of creativity has happened.

2013-01-04 22:40:41 by Safst3r

So I ended up have a couple weeks worth of creativity which seemed to have push me to do more art, some random drawing here and there and a few commissions for a good friend of mine. I guess I have enjoyed it lately and have received some sort of inspiration (Mainly friends asking me to draw something for them, I can't seem to think of my own ideas lately).

So I guess I'll try to maintain at least half the pace that I have been in for the past two weeks. I also apologise for not having posted a lot for quite a long while, life and whatnot was getting me down but I'm now back in action!


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2013-01-05 14:40:59

hey, sorry, just snooping around...good luck to you, glad to hear you've found your resolve for art again!