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After an amazingly long time, I've finally gotten around to picking up the stylus again, and what I said before about the critics in the portal seeming harsh sounds like utter twaddle now. I just didn't get to grips with the kind of audience that inhabits it and just wasn't seeing how bad the quality of my work was. That and I cared too much about whether others would find my work appealing, obviously that shouldn't matter.

So I set myself on a journey to improve my art style, to make it more cohesive, more solid and to improve my technical abilities. For the past couple of weeks I've been drawing every single day for the purpose of refining my skills with line work, painting, anatomy and everything else. I'm trying to "search" for my style through experimenting with composition, proportions, perspective and increasing my visual library. And most of all, I'm doing this so I can enjoy my art more, so I may one day draw something, look at it and think, "you know, this is actually good!"

If you're one of the people who reads these things, thanks for you time. Keep it real guys.

I can't help but think...

2013-08-27 17:54:10 by Safst3r

I don't know whether the critics in the portal are just unrelentingly harsh or I just don't quite exhibit the kind of artistic taste they are all looking for, but I feel that there are some who just seek my art out just to bash it in some way or another... I understand and accept constructive criticism but some things are just uncalled for.

As for the kind of voting my art receives, it gets me down sometimes because I don't know what reasoning goes behind a lot of the votes that I do receive...

Nevertheless I still power on and try to get my art in the portal to see if I can get better, and now with a pen tablet by my side I am able to do a lot more, quickly and at a higher quality. I guess I'll just keep going and see if things change over time or whether I really am just pumping out stuff no one likes.

Thanks if you have read this, and thanks in advance if you do choose to leave a comment. Shows you care~

I can't help but think...

So I ended up have a couple weeks worth of creativity which seemed to have push me to do more art, some random drawing here and there and a few commissions for a good friend of mine. I guess I have enjoyed it lately and have received some sort of inspiration (Mainly friends asking me to draw something for them, I can't seem to think of my own ideas lately).

So I guess I'll try to maintain at least half the pace that I have been in for the past two weeks. I also apologise for not having posted a lot for quite a long while, life and whatnot was getting me down but I'm now back in action!


2011-12-01 22:32:46 by Safst3r

I very rarely post any art on NG, well... that goes for every other website too. I hope to get into another creative mood soon. I miss drawing but I just haven't found the passion I needed lately.

Well, let's just see how it goes I guess.



2010-05-04 18:26:54 by Safst3r

Hello everybody and anybody that stumbles across my page! Welcome to my half assed attempt of a post.
I fully recommend you visit my ART page for the sake of stroking my ego or dragging me into depression. ^_^

I look forward to seeing what you have to say about my amateurish art!

Love you all! Ciao.


2010-03-20 14:43:19 by Safst3r

Well, this is my page. It's not much but I'm sure you'll find at least something interesting.

The only thing I really want is for YOU to check out my Art page.
Is all for now so see ya'll later.



2010-01-04 02:55:54 by Safst3r

HOORAH! I am so happy that I finally got scouted for the Art Portal!
Now my artwork will truly be seen by the millions who surf the web. It really feels great!

I had been waiting a while before somebody saw my artwork and offered to vouch for me so now I has a happi. *rolls on floor in glee*

Well I hope everybody will come to appreciate my artwork and I will look at each and every review I get wether it be feedback, positive or negative comments, or even if it be flame or spam messages.

So I'm looking forward to posting more stuff in the art portal for everyone to see. So please, enjoy my work and leave a review with any feedback or comments you wish to share.

Love... Safst3r. CHiao!